Re: Instruction Manuals for the Horizon Suite Software

Claire Schutz

There are "help" files for the Horizon Suite,  experimenting today and really would like a class taught at the dealer to go along with it.  Going to look into that, Claire S.

On 8/11/2014 6:44 PM, Anne Parker annegparker@... [janome12000] wrote:
I haven't bought either the 12000 or 15000 yet, but was just wondering - aren't there any help screens, menus with the software?

I've worked with computers since the 1970's and these days applications usually have at last some basic help info within them.

Hi by the way - I've only just joined the forum - as I've decided to buy a machine to replace my Swiss Elna Diva from the 1990's. (Top of the range at the time at £1000)  I think it blew a capacitor or resistor yesterday - a loud 'poof' and white smoke from the casing which was extremely hot at the back of the machine.  It all still works, but think it's telling me it's time for a new machine!

I hope to find out all about these 2 Janome's so I can make a comparison and then make a decision - after I've tried them both of course.

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