Re: Needle Threader

Linda M <linlefmul@...>

My threader although goes up and down does not thread my machine..  Never worked properly and my dealer is out of province... some 2000 kms away...  I usually thread my machines by hand (not that I have a choice) but I had one of these on my 11000 never liked it.  I prefer the threader on my 7700..


On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 1:25 PM, jamiestitcher62 <no_reply@...> wrote:

That needle threader on the 7700 was very good and worked every time.  I wish they kept it for the 15000.  I've had the threader replaced once on the 15000 and it's been in the shop like 5 times for the threader.

Linda M.

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