Re: GR Hoop

Nicole Schmidt-Nutt

What I've done and noticed is that it doesn't fit there are edges not in the hoop.  These edges get caught on the machine while embroidering and cause nests.  I started using masking tape on the edges so it is connected to the hoop and doing this have not had any issues.

On Monday, August 4, 2014 1:48 PM, "rosematt11@... [janome12000]" wrote:

Good morning,

How is everyone hooping the GR hoop? Are you buying 14" or so wide stabilizer or maybe piecing it? If buying, where?
I am thinking I might use a 12" wide fusible tear away and adding a strip to fill the hoop. I should also mention this is a fully assembled quilt with a lot of weight dragging on it when I try to hoop it  and the stabilizer doesn't want to stay put. 
Lynn Haven, FL

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