Pro and Cons of the Janome 150000

JoAnn Novak

  My dealer is a Viking dealer first.  But if you want another brand, he has no problems
  selling whatever you want or need.   JoAnn

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Wonder if the profit is more on the Brother.  Companies make different deals with dealers, Claire S.

On 8/2/2014 12:01 PM, grogi@... [janome12000] wrote:

I've had several Janome's machines which include the 8000,9000, 10000 upgraded to 10001 and the 11000 plus the 6600. I currently own the Brother Quattro and I am comparing it the 15000. I've sewed on the 150000 at a Jenny Haskins retreat and loved it.  My dealer which sells both machines keeps on pushing the Brother. I like different things on both machines.  Can anyone tell me the pros and cons on the 15000??


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