Re: 1/4 inch piecing foot

Kay Davis

Thanks for the info.  I was happy with the 1/4" foot on my 11000.  Never had to adjust it; it just worked for me.  But with the things I read about the 1/4" foot that comes with the 12000, I am concerned.  I'll probably just get the clearview foot combo as I want the stitch in the ditch foot too.  Kay

On Sun, Aug 3, 2014 at 11:49 AM, shejmartin1@... [janome12000] <janome12000@...> wrote:

I think everyone is different so you have to futz around to get what works for you.  I like the clear view 1/4 in foot (combo 1/4"/stitch in ditch) and I move the needle to 8.6 or even 8.7 if there are a lot of seams in a block. I like to put my fabric right up next to the guide, so that is what works for me.  I have saved the setting as my #4 stitch; so I can just turn the machine on and press the #4 stitch to do 1/4" patchwork. 

It really makes a big difference depending on how many seams your block has and whether you are pressing to the side or flat.  Also the thickness of the thread you use can make a little bit of a difference.  If I am working on a block with many seams, I do a test block 1st, and adjust if necessary.  This is something you would have to do on any machine not just the 12000.


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