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Bernice Ramsey

I had a Quatro and now have a 15000 (for three weeks).  The big thing the Brother has is the camera and scanning.  I really did not use them.  The 15000 has the wifi, acufeed and the acuquilt features which I use much more.  It is all in what you do the most.  I think the Janome is quieter both sewing and embroidery.  Just my opinion.

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You need to find out why your dealer is pushing the Brother.  You may want to find another dealer that does some probing and then recommends a machine based on your responses.

I love my 15000 and could list what I consider “pros” to me that may not matter to you. 
My suggestion is to go with the machine you like after you do your own research and test the models you are interested.  There are discussion boards that post reviews of machine (patternreview is just one of them).

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I've had several Janome's machines which include the 8000,9000, 10000 upgraded to 10001 and the 11000 plus the 6600. I currently own the Brother Quattro and I am comparing it the 15000. I've sewed on the 150000 at a Jenny Haskins retreat and loved it.  My dealer which sells both machines keeps on pushing the Brother. I like different things on both machines.  Can anyone tell me the pros and cons on the 15000??


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