Re: Janome 12000 review; help making a decision to buy


 The bobbin popping did happen with some early 11000 machines.    The Janome machines have very exact fingerprints.  It easily was traced to a particular day, then hour and to the particular person putting it together.  It was not necessarily negligence, could have been, but to sequence of construction.  The problem was rectified very quickly.  If a customer never reported it to their dealer it was not fixed.  Most did unhappily report it and it was fixed with Janome supplying the parts.  Most owners of 11000's are happy. 

I have a 12000.  It is smarter than me.  I am sure it has a brain and always corrects me before I make a mistake with the machine.  If you buy a 12000 you will not regret it for an instant.  There should be some very good trade-ins and new ones with excellent prices.

Martie in  CA

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