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Acutally, the quilting designs are on the 12000. They are in their own seperate group when you look at the built in designs. I know this because I quilted a KING sized quilt using the feather and the feathered circle throughout and it came out fabulous!!!

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I eventually will be using my machine more for quilting than embroidery, although I love to combine embroidery applique blocks with regular quilt blocks in a quilt. Right now I've been havin fun playing with the embroidery part.

The 12000 hasn't yet come out with the acufil hoops and designs that were included with the 11000SE. Most people seem to think they will eventually. That means that right now it is hard to "hoop" a quilt. The hoops are a little flimsier than the acufil hoops were and the big magnets aren't included. However you can hoop sticky stabilizer and then stick your quilt on it and do embroidery. I was told by my dealer that the built in basting stitches that you can put around a design also helps a lot to keep the fabric from moving while embroidery is being stitched.

As far as using the 12000 to do the quilting on big quilts like free motion or other stitching, even though it is a nice big machine, you still have to drag the quilt through the machine. I would think quilting using a frame would still be less work than trying to do it on any regular sewing/embroidery machine.

So far I've only used it once for "stitch-in-ditch" quilting of a quilt that is about 48x54. It did a good job. I used my 11000 with the acufil hoops to do kind of one block at a time quilting using embroidery hoops. I always felt it was easier just to free motion quilt than to go to all of the work of trying to do stiple designs using the hoop and hooping the quilt over and over and trying to line things up.

The 12000 uses the JEF format just like all other Janomes.

I think we can talk about price. Some groups don't let you. I traded in a 6 month old 11000 plus my large 24x32 sew steady table, an almost new clothsetter, and a few other accessories (not many because most would work on my 3160). I received the 12000, a 3160 to take to class and a replacement sew steady table (still coming, the 1st one was cut incorrectly). I paid $6000.

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I don't have this machine yet but have lots of questions. One being,can you do a continous design on a quilt and borders with this machine. I presently have a frame, which extends to king size but only have it to queen and mid arm machine. As I'm getting older and it's harder for me to handle the larger quilts, which is why I'm considering going to an embroidery, sewing, quilting type machine such as the horizon. I saw it when it first came out and really impressed by it. I have a Janome 6500 now. I would love to hear from members who do use their machines for quilting also. I ran across a site that has quilting patterns, but don't know what format the 12000 runs the designs on. Would someone be able to tell me? I will be asking questions, questions and more questions before I purchase this machine. One would be price, if someone can reveal that,lol. Thank You

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