Re: hoop storage?


I have the perfect place though it may not do you much good.  When I was very young my father made me a clown for my room.  Clown is a plywood cutout, on a base, painted cheerfully. Clown has knobs on his hat and shoulders, and his arms cross his body horizontally and his hands are cupped upward. All hold things.

I keep my hoops on Clown.  Three machines worth.  Each knob or hand holds several, they aren't going any place and they are very handy since Clown sits next to the tables with my embroiery machines.  And Clown is decorative in my sewing room (and is the only thing I have any more that my father made for me). 

Very likely none of you want to get busy in the shop and make Clowns, but perhaps something that has knobs might work.


Where do you store your hoops?

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