Re: Digitizer MBX v 4 new update to K

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Here's the deal - Digitizer MBX uses Horizon Link to send designs to the machine. When you click the icon it should open Horizon Link and send the design to it. Except there's a bug, still in version 4.0K, that keeps it from opening Horizon Link. If you open Horizon Link FIRST, then it will work. This bug has been reported, and will almost certainly be fixed in the next update. Unfortunately 4.0K was already done when I discovered it. There's no need for you to install the 4.0K update since you are already at that version.

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I just received my Digitizer MBX V4 a few days ago. Installed it but I have some questions. Everything seems to be working correctly EXCEPT I cannot get a direct connection with my machine. I know I can do it via thumb drive or save to computer and have Horizon Link send it, but it bothers me to not function properly. I figured since I had HL installed with the 859 driver, the 860 driver on the MBX install disk wouldn't install. When I plug the sewing machine into the computer nothing happens -- no request to look for drivers. I deleted the 859 driver that came with the HL and still had the same issue so I uninstalled everything and then re-installed the Dig MBX first and tried to get the computer to communicate with the computer - still nothing so I reinstalled everything. Then I thought I should update my Dig MBX but I noticed that the version that the software is updating to on the global site is 4.0K and my software is already 4.0K. I'm out of ideas. BTW, I'm running Windows 7.

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