Machine Maintenance - No oiling?


Jim: I've read my manual (MC12000) and no where does it mention to do any oiling. Is this truly the best way to maintain the machine? I do the regular bobbin case area cleaning with the brush, check inside the side cover of the machine to be sure no lint or threads. Should we we at least be doing a drop of oil in the bobbin case area?

Does the machine require yearly service by a dealer? Are there things as owners we can do ourselves without causing a hiccup to the machine?

Thanks for any tips.


Suppressing a hiccup, Jim says:
Pretty much everyone is obsessed with the idea that their machine must be oiled. This harkens back to great grandma's time when machines would seize up if not kept oiled. Your machine has been built to require no oiling on your part. If that keeps you awake nights, you can put ONE DROP of oil in the wick under the bobbin case. Yes, that fuzzy thing that looks like lint is actually a wick. Don't pull it out!

The biggest enemy of the machine is lint, which is also the most prolific byproduct of the sewing process. Keep the area under the bobbin case clean. That will help a lot, but some will always find its way to the bottom of the free arm. That's when you need a dealer to clean it. How often you do that varies widely depending on the type and frequency of your sewing. For some it could be every 6 months, while others could go 6 years. As a general rule I would say if you are fastidious about keeping your machine clean you could go every other year. If your dealer presents you with a bag stuffed with lint when you pick up your machine make it every year.

One last word about oiling - if there should come a time when the machine is making a lot of noise or the hand wheel is hard to turn DON'T OIL IT! Nothing made my day worse than a customer bringing in a machine dripping with oil that did absolutely nothing for the problem, but did ruin some of my clothes and made tools hard to pick up for months. In 99.9999% of the cases oil has no effect at all on a problem and in that one rare case that it does you won't be able to get to the spot that needs it.

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