Thread coming out of take up lever


My 15000 is just a few months old and lately I've been noticing a problem.  If I start sewing just a couple of stitches before the fabric reaches the needle, or if I don't hold the thread tail, the thread will often pop out of the takeup lever. When this happens the needle jumps to the left and I know it has happened.   Sometimes this happens when I am chain piecing if I don't put the next piece right against the previous one.

 It is treaded correctly, bobbin area cleaned out.  I have had a 7700 and an 8900 prior to this and I was able to take a few stitches without the fabric right under the needle without a problem,  Any suggestions?


Gail in FL

Jumping to the left, Jim says:

Have your dealer take a look at it. This shouldn't happen. Also check your knee lever to make sure it's not getting bumped while you are piecing. If it gets nudged a little it will partially open the tension discs which could cause trouble.

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