Re: Totally Off-Yahoo Search Engine

Donna Morton

Hi Everyone   

My default search engine has always been Google.  I like it, so please don't suggest I select another one.

Anyhow for the past few weeks every now and again, Yahoo Search takes over!

I first dealt with this by disabling Yahoo Search under "Manage Internet Explorer Add-Ons>Search Providers.  I also selected the option that says "Prevent programs from suggesting changes to my default search provider."

Time passed.  Google was my search provider again, but one day Yahoo Search took over again.  This time I deleted Yahoo Search as an add-on under "Manage Internet Explorer Add-Ons>Search Providers. 

Time passed.  Google was my search provider again, but this morning up pops Yahoo Search again.  It is not listed as an add-on for me to delete.  I've run a scan for viruses, etc.  I've logged into my account with Yahoo and I don't see that there is an option to have Yahoo Search as a default. 

Anybody got any ideas on how I get rid of it?  I want it gone for good.  Thanks in advance.


Donna M


Searching his limited memory, Jim says:

Believe it or not, the culprit could be Adobe or some other 3rd party program. I've noticed that when Adobe updates Flash they sometimes make you download the installer again. Buried in the setup wizard is a pre-checked box to install some other software that you usually don't want. Unless you uncheck the box, it will install the unwanted software. Adobe has gotten very bad about this, but at least the boxes are visible. I've seen some software where the checkbox is in a list of options such that it's out of view unless you scroll the list up.

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