Re: Upper Thread Broken Warning

audrey <Contessa@...>

Thanks Jim, but that was one of the first things I checked. The thread is definitely in the take up lever.How do I check if it’s in the tension discs?
Is there a way of getting the front off to see if thread is caught up elsewhere? I had some metallic thread caught up prior to this happening and fear some may still be caught in the machine. The side opening doesn’t allow you to see much. Thanks so much for trying to help me.

Trying not to leave out important facts, Jim says:
There's a high probability that some of the metallic thread has balled up between the tension discs, holding them open so you don't have tension. You may be able to work it out by folding a strip of fabric in half and using the folded edge to "floss" through the tension discs. Another technique I've used is to use a long, thin needle or stiff wire to gently probe the tension slot. Don't even think about removing covers. There are hidden screws and sensor wires that make the task extremely error prone without a guide. If you can't get it out on your own see your dealer for assistance.

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