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As you've said, Jean, the creation of a group under Outlook is dirt simple.  At least in Outlook 2016, the way you save the Contact Group is not ALT+S, but ALT+H,FV, and I've tried ALT+S.  I don't know if ALT+S worked in earlier versions of Outlook or not, but my instructions, which are yours, with additional comments, were created using Outlook 2016, so the final step is changed for saving.  I also added a bit about how you'd go about maintaining a list you've already created when you're in the process of creating it.  After you've actually created a Contact Group, it will be filed in your Contacts list by name, and if you have a typical "sort by name, ascending" you'll find it in the same way you'd find any single contact.  If you hit Enter on a contact group that already exists, you are immediately thrown into the Contact Group dialog, which is where you are after step 2 in the list below.  Once you've gone through the process a time or two it tends to become "automatic" if you are creating or maintaining contact groups with some frequency.

To Create A Contact Group in Outlook 2016
1. Hit CTRL+3 to switch over to Contacts.
2. ALT+H,CG (Home Ribbon, Create Group), opens the Contact Group dialog, and lands you in the Name edit box, where you enter the name you want.
3. ALT+H,M,A or ALT+H,M,C, opens the Contact Group Home Ribbon, Add Members, and choosing A will look in Address Book while choosing C will use Outlook Contacts.  Which is appropriate for you can vary.
4. Hit down arrow to go into the Select Members, Contacts list.  Note that this will throw you past your first contact, which had focus but was not selected, so if you need the very first contact in your contacts list you're going to need to up arrow once so you can get focus on it again in order to select it.
5. On any contact you wish to include in the group, hit Enter.  This will be a multi-select by default, so each time you hit Enter you add another contact to the ones already selected.
6. Navigate to the OK button, and activate it.  Once you do this, you are back in the Create Group dialog, and all of the members you've selected are in a list that you can review easily for accuracy by hitting Tab to exit the edit box for name and land in the member list.  You can up/down arrow through it to make sure you have everyone you intended, and haven't included anyone you didn't.  If you land on someone you want to remove, just hit the Delete key and that member is removed.  If you need to add a member you missed, use key sequence you used in Step 3 in order to get to the list you wanted to use for selecting from.
7. Hit ALT+H,AV to save the list.

It's way easier to use contact groups once you've set them up, as when you start typing in the To: field they show up in the list as you type just like regular contacts do.

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