Thetis has never been able to find odyssey2

Leo Goto

Hi David,

Last time I posted to the mailing list was not him,
but I, Leo / WH2Q. I forgot to change the title.

1'st LED was blink, 2'nd LED was glow solid. LAN was communicating by
But, Thetis has never been able to find odyssey2.

Now works with LAN Controller re-soldering and BL2.1 Firmware downloaded
from GitHub.
BootLoader_2.1.pyw, but "Change IP" did not work.
Because there is no choice, I could change it in BootLoader_2.0.pyw.

Thank you for help.

Leo Gotoh <>

David Fainitski

Hello, Leo

Thank you for the QA job.Redownload please 2.1 pyw from GitHub and try again.