Quick start with ZeusRadio

David Fainitski

ZeusRadio - is very  powerful, functional and comfortable programm can works with Odyssey nativelly.

After connecting LAN version go to connections settings and set in TCP/IP properties manually mode with IP and subnet mask

Odyssey has permanently IP adress for mai receiver and HPSDR mode and for additional second receiver (not for HPSDR mode).

After connecting USB version will appear new LAN board in your OS and all settings is same as simple LAN version. If not appear  new LAN, check your My Computer folder - need to appear new CD-disk with drivers. If not - try to install driver automatically or manually, need RTL8153 driver.

Wi-Fi version of Odyssey contains a mini router inside that tuned as a bridge with Odyssey board. You can set the IP connection as well as for LAN version or  use automatic IP set mode. In this case IP will installed inside needed subnet automatically as Odyssey board will available by IP  in any event.

So, no difference for using between LAN, USB or Wi-Fi version. 

If you need to backup settings for WiFi module - download It here.

Download the trial version of ZeusRadio here

This is experimental version with the very quality synchro-AM stereo decoder.

For starting just click on Odyssey.bat

For starting the second independed receiver, you need click to HiQSDR.bat  after changing his content on 

"start ZeusRadio.exe hiqsdr ip="

Manual for ZeusRadio Deutsche


ZeusRadio can provide very quality sound processing with the possible to use professional VST plugins.

Also, you can use  TX predistortion (manually),  MIDI devices for control, CAT control and much more.

You can use receivers wich support ExtIO.dll with ZeusRadio, RTL-SDR dongle, SDR-IQ, Winradio etc.  Put needed Extio.dll into ZeusRadio folder and click on ExtIO.bat

Trial version of this program is fully operational and needed restart every 10 minutes.

You can buy It only for 50 $, write a letter to Yan Alexeenko alexeenko@... 

Zeus Radio software AM BCB tuning - W1AEX


David Turner

Hi All.

Anyone got Zeus Software to run on Linux Wine.