Power-on issues

Steven Wilson


I've had my top off recently - and started noticing the issues with power on/off others have mentioned.

I wanted to make a suggestion as to what might be the issue - first what I noticed.  I had to hit the button 3 times and left it pushed in for a second or so... the third time it powered up.  Between the three times - no real difference in what I did.

I'm wondering how you are debouncing the power on/off switch. It is almost like you might be having mechanical bounce issues in your logic to do the power-up.

Just a suggestion.


David Fainitski

Hello, Steve

I never watched any problem with power on failure issues so I can not suggest you something.

Probably have a sens make more  smart firmware for MCU with troubleshooting messages.

It could be also mechanical problem with a button - the hole in panel is too tight and button can be stayed in pushed position.

Try to  loosen screws of the front panel and see does the button work better?
You can make the hole little bit larger with a round file.