pihpsdr - Heartily recommended :-)

Ken N9VV <n9vv@...>

I Heartily recommend pihpsdr-Controller. It is a marvelous design and great fun to operate an SDR with real "Knobs" <g>

Now, how about an Odyssey-II + pihpsdr-Controller combined into a stand-alone Transceiver with a beautiful 7" RPi display?

John Melton G0ORX has done an outstanding job with the RaspberryPi. Most recently John successfully tested the new *Asus Tinker Board* as a plug-in alternative to the RPi. The Tinker will copy TWO simultaneous Rx at 384ksps due to it's faster clock speed and more robust RAM configuration.

(pihpsdr-Controller User Guide available here pdf:
<Apache Controller built and tested:
Apache pihpsdr-Controller *Kit* from GigaParts
Thank you Dave G0VVF for highlighting the pihpsdr-Controller. One of my favorite shack items :-)

73 to all,
Poka to N7DDC,
de Ken N9VV

On 7/30/2017 11:22 AM, Dave Turner @g0vvf [ody-sdr] wrote:
Hi All.
if you would like a twin display on Linux you can use pihpsdr.(sdr program for Raspberry Pi)
To build pihpsdr on other platforms all that should be required is to comment out the GPIO. ( pihpsdr. Make file.Line Number 7)

If you do not have git already installed then enter the following command:
sudo apt-get install git
Create a directory for cloning the source into:
mkdir git
To download the source code enter the following commands:
cd git
git clone
git clone
(most of the above taken the build instructions, g0orx/pihpsdr)
After download,the build instructions will be in git/pihpsdr/release/documentation/pihpsdr-build.pdf.
The following two lines are not required.
sudo apt-get install wiringPi
sudo apt-get install pigpio
I am using Peppermint Linux..
Also you can run at 384000 sample rate (not achievable with raspberry pi.)

David Turner

Hello Ken.
Thanks for photo, always wondered what cat control was!,but do you get a paw signal. See you are using Raspbian software, have you tried the Raspberry pi desktop x86 software on a pc.(for some reason I cannot get pihpsdr to work on it yet.)
Asus tinker looks interesting,but will wait and see how much odyssey 2 is first.(May have to wait for are new trade agreement with United States.)

All the best.