Odyssey's preorder is opened !

David Fainitski

Hello, people.

You didn't hear about me a long time, I am sorry.

This time I made the first preorder for my russian-language customers. I have made 6 pcs of Odyssey-2 boards and some of them work in air right now. 

Finally I am ready announce the global preorder for this transceiver. What is meaning "Preorder" ? It is meaning that you are staying in a live line after paying. First In -  First Out  :)

Today I received 10 assembled (only R and C) boards from one china company - Seeed Studio (see the foto). 

So first 9 customers (one board is mine !) will recieve own transceiver pretty quickly. Manufacturing period in Seeed studio 30 days and it is really too long. I find one Canada's company that can make this job for 3-4 days bit I need place a larger order - 50 or more peaces for cost effective.

Anyway I think that any customer will receive own transceiver in one month period.

Also I have right now 25 manufacturing quality cases for transceiver. Covers I do by himself on my CNC from special plastic. Quality is pretty good, the design is very rigid ( see the foto). Alternativelly you can buy standart Hammond housing 1455R1601 and make shorten it to 80mm by himself. Aluminium covers you can order using Front Panel Express service

What price ? At this time I can offer you the Odyssey-II assembled and tested board for 670 USD and housing for 75 USD. Yes, this toy is not so cheap as we want. I don't know what price will be set later, it is depended from suppliers components and other expences. This price is not fixed forever.

Shipping is free and only for US addressates. Customers from other country should make an aacount in or any other forwarder that has address in USA. I will ship for free on forwarder's address and after that you will be able to choose your fancy shipping metod  and make a customer declarance with any price.

This shipping method is really reliable, fast and cheap.

So, what needed for making order ? Pay needed money via PayPal to rolin791@...  and send me message to dfainitski@... with your address and other. Keep in mind that PayPal can  withhold 4% for transaction if you are not US buyer.

Thank you and best regards.

David Fainitski

73 ! N7DDC


Leo Goto

Hi David,

Congratulations on the official release of Odyssey 2.
In my case, I got the opportunity to get the board. I could not put up with the release and gathered parts for myself and made it.
It took more than $ 670 for parts alone. I think price is conscientious pricing.
I got a lot of advice from David to be made for odyssey1 and odyssey2. 
Thank you very much.

Leo. WH2Q/EK0JA 73.

David Fainitski

Hello, Leo

You are the first and the latest men in USA and Europe who managed to do it.

Respect !


David Fainitski

Hello, people.

Practically PayPal withholds a fee even when you from USA also. For USA buyers it is $22, for nonUSA buyers it is $33.

To avoid make a payment twice, you can :
1) If you in USA, send money as to friend and family. In this case PayPal does not withhold a fee.
2) Ask me for request money. In this case you will pay fee.
3) Make a payment with corrected value inqluded a fee.

Thank you !


Sascha Lenze

Hey David,

are there still any Ody II from the "first batch" or is there another batch coming in the (near) future?
I fortunately have some "funds" left from a trx sale and would like to have one if possible. If not, is there a list of people interrested you can put me on?

73 de from germany
Sascha, DH5SL

David Fainitski

Hello, Sascha

I try to make the ODY "in stock" status in my webstore but you can stay in current line right now.

Write me to dfainitski@...


David Fainitski

New Odyssey-2 assembled and tested, in a case for sale.