Odyssey's Panel

Leo Goto

I carried out laser marking on the panel of Odyssey 2.

After this, I do not have a milling device, so I have to process the panel by hand.

Perhaps, my arms will become muscle pain afterwards.

73. Leo WH2Q/EK0JA

Neoklis Kyriazis

Looks cool! Way to go in production, when it happens...



Leo Goto

Thank you.
I used laser equipment to mark plastic packages of Semiconductor devices.
The processing data of the panel was received from David.


Leo Goto

I finished make a panel. And I put on PCB.


Leo Goto


A heat sink was attached  the FPGA and the under final FET.
It seems that the current is always flowing through the final amplifier.


David Fainitski

Hello, Leo

 FPGA is not needed in heatsink in this project. I suggest you put thermal pad between board and housing in driver MOSFET area.  Like this ...

Besides, the heatsink on FPGA will interfere install sound speakers.


Leo Goto

Hi David,

Thank for reply.
This is nice sheet. I will try to get it.

Thanks, Leo