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Sid Boyce

The Announcement PDF says 10-13V DC input. Does that rule out supplying +13.8V from the station P.S?
73 ... Sid.

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Hi Sid

When you re�eive a parcel on your US adress then you will show your address in reshipping form.

To all :

If you don't want to pay PayPal fee $22 (for US) or $33 (for non US) send money as for friend or family (not as purchasing).


I resoldered all components from my old boards to new one - all works good.

Added two 50mm speaker in the upper cover (see the fotos). CNC is a cool thing !
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David Fainitski

Hello, Sid

This is a very good question.

You CAN NOT connect the transceiver to 13.8 Volts power line.  13 Volts is a maximum for it or overvoltage protection will  work.

For safetly connection to 13.8 Volts power line instal into power cord two simple 2Amper grade (or more) low frequency rectifier diodes series connected.

An example like this