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Hi David

Nice to hear of the new project with 2w output plus 30w amp and tunCan you supply details of the FPGA version and the ADC versions yet?

My Odyssey TRX is working fine with the 10w amp - I consider it one of my best receivers - also use the combination to get 270w out of a BLA350 amp

I do find the receiver extremely quiet and very nice to listen to - will shortly pair up the Ody with icom 718 trx and use an  Elad switchbox to enable use of the Ody receiver with the ic718

Hope all is going in your new location near Seattle - best regards to you and your family



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I stopped to work under Odyssey TRX and gave priority to another project.
Please notice, that Odyssey TRX now is fully open project. You can found its PCB board sources and components list on
So you can assembly its by himself.

Meanwhile, the next project Odyssey-2 is almost ready. The new transceiver will be in new housing, works with 2 ADC, has 2 Watts output, Gigabit Ethernet and large FPGA.
I hope, the first tests of the new transceiver will be held soon.

Simultaneously will be tested the new 30W amplifier with an Automatic Antenna's Tuner and with build-in RF-bridge for Antenna's Analasier.

Best regards, David Fainitski

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David Fainitski

Hello, Les

Thank you

ADC are the same, LTC2165, FPGA with 55k LEs, Cyclone 4
4 or 5 independed receivers will be available wit the OpenHPSDR-compartable firmware

Best regards