[] Odyssey Key Master error [1 Attachment]

Roger Rehr W3SZ <w3sz73@...>

I had understood that it was possible to change IP address without
reprogramming for firmware versions 1.3.3 and beyond.
( reference on this page at the bottom: )

But with Odyssey Key Master 1.1 just downloaded today I don't see an
option to change IP address.
This is all that I see:

So how do I get it to allow me to change IP address, etc.?

Thanks in advance and


Roger Rehr

David Fainitski

Hello, Roger.

Please run the Key Master with the administrators privileges. It's needed because OKM uses an acces to user sector Windows registry.

You should  Righ-Mouse-Click and select Properties  - Compatibility and click on Always Run under Administrator.

To get IP change menu click Service on OKM 1.1 main form.

Best regards, David.