[] Firmware updating ver 1.10

Sid Boyce

LCD displays ODYSSEY and it's stuck on Read MAC address. Should bootloader mode be indicated on the LCD display?

I tried powering up with my keyer sending alternate dot/dash and I also tried with a stereo plug with tip and ring shorted.
I did see a message saying make sure J1 shorted.

I recently loaded firmware for Protocol 2 successfully to my Hermes board.
73 ... Sid.

On 22/12/17 06:38, rolin791@... [ody-sdr] wrote:

Firmware Updated to 1.10

For starting in bootloader mode, power up the Odyssey with shorted dot and dash iambic key.

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David Fainitski

Hello, Sid

The display should show "bootloader" when you turned power on with pressed Dash and Dot  paddles.