Network issue?


A HAM friend has finished his ody-2 last week. It seems to work, I programmed it for him, because he has no porgrammes for mcu and fpga. All worked fine. 

After that the ody works with sdr-console (Firmware 2_1_20 ANP). But no chance to work under Thetis or another programm. I tried it on the same workstation I also use mine wich works with Thetis, Zeus and so on. 

I guess this could be a network problem, maybe with the Network TRX on the ody. It also takes a bit longer to connect with sdr-console than my one. 

Does anybody has an idea where we have to search? 

vy 73

David Fainitski

Hi, Retro.
4 LEDs will explain you what is happening.


Hi David 
Problem was solfed after reprogramming mcu firmware, bootloader and firmware in the fpga. 

Vy 73