Mistakes in the Thetis.

David Fainitski

Hi people.

I find a couple mistakes in Thetis 2.5.3. If you find something too - write here.

1) Alex Enable bit (General CC byte 59 bit 0) is always in 1, because of wich pins DATA, CLOCK, EN don't work as UO_5, UO_6, UO_7 when Alex board disabled in programm.

2) When you scroll the Drive slider to high power and after that to zero - power value will not be installed to minimum. If you will twist a mouse weel down after that - a power value will be installed in minimum  but after that a frequency will decrease.

3) If you change RX2's attenuator, noise floor of RX2 is not changing but if you will change a frequency after that - noise floor will be installed in right position.

4) If you set ADC0 as RX2 input and ADC1 as RX1 input - attenuator of RX1 will still regulate ADC0 input and attenuator of RX2 continues to be tied to ADC1.

5) In TX mode RX2 never shows RX signal even in Duplex mode.

Do you know something else ?