Microphone for Odyssey

Les Keppie <leskep@...>

Hi David
Odyssey is all up and working with the new PA - I just have one problem that I need some help from you with

The microphone I am using is a Plantronics Audio 320 (which I use on my Elad) but is not really suitable since it requires the 20db boost on and about 35 on the level input plus about 10db mic gain of 10 to drive to 10 watts out
This level of drive introduces lots of background noise

Could you please let me know the make-type of microphone you used during development of the Odyssey
It would save me some time is testing to find the right one

Many thanks


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David Fainitski


Hi David
I have tested this mic/headset and it works well but I personally dont like the closed earphones

My preference at moment is the Sennheiser PC21-II 

It suits my operating much better since I dont use the headphones at all only the microphone  - I use a powered speaker system -  and this headset is usable on both the Odyssey and my Elad FDM DUO

I am presently using them a week about for comparison - and all is good with both units

Many thanks David for a very usable little radio