Firmware updating ver 1.10

David Fainitski

Firmware Updated to 1.10

The connection between FPGA and microprocessor is established

The display shows the firmware version and the bootloader mode 

Control of the driver, it now works only in the transmitt mode. You can turn it off  as before, with the UP button on the hand mic.


When Alex-board-control is disabled in PC programm, the data bus terminals 12-DATA, 13-CLOCK, 14-EN are used as user output lines UO-4, UO-5, UO-6. Thus, all 7 possible control lines are available, which in some cases may be sufficient to control all the periphery.

The order of the update:  programm the bootloader firmware with the programmer and Quartus, update the firmware of the microcontroller, download  firmware via the computer program in the bootloader mode. Everything should be version 1.10.

For starting in bootloader mode, power up the Odyssey with shorted dot and dash iambic key.

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