Firmware 1.3.5 for Odyssey

David Fainitski

Some problems for the key processor resolved in this firmware. Now the radio signal's delay  works correctly in all the available range from 0 to 250 ms. It is possible for any speed manipulation  up to 60 WPM - no degradation and  disappearence of the first characters.

Thus, you can work comfortably of key forgetting such a thing as a pedal. However, in some cases, the transmission control with pedal is a must and this firmware is activated the medium contact of microphone jack  for its connection.

The first contact is used for microphone signal,  the middle - for connection of a pedal. The contacts of a pedal are connecting  between the middle and the common terminals of jack. You can made an adapter for the simultaneous use of a pedal and microphone.

If you don't need a pedal you may desolder  both  resistors and solder one of them between the internal  pads.

The firmware also uses an improved algorithm for registration of key presses.

This firmware has one  limitation - the second receiver works only up to 192k , so when you are  working in 2-receivers mode with PowerSDR should not be selected  384k in settings. For a  1-receiver mode  there are no restrictions.