David Turner


I have looked on google many times, but this time found the answer,Open network connections,change to ivp4, tick box,(Bottom left) click enter routes click boxes, now working OK.(now on wspr map)Just got to get it to transmit,
Is key socket three connections, if so which do you use.


David Fainitski

Hello, Dave.
The KEY connector has three contacs -Ground, Contact 1, Contact 2.
Make a short circuit between contact and ground for using.

In simple mode, CW, Contact 1 is straight key, Contact 2 PTT.
In iambic mode CW, Contact 1 is Dot, Contact 2 is Dash
In SSB and other modes, both contacts are PTT.

Iambic mode can use with PowerSDR, ZeusRadio and QUISK + OKM ( Odyssey Key Master)
All this programms work under Windows.

Under Linux try to use GHPSDR Ghpsdr3 - HPSDRwiki

or QT Radio  QtRadio - Operation - Ghpsdr3 SDR project