DHCP with Odyssey II?

Steven Wilson


I've got a new Odyssey II - and it seems to work great except for one issue.  It doesn't seem to find the DHCP server on the network?  It comes up with a 169.x.x.x address (doing this last part from memory...) instead of getting an assignment from home network's DHCP server?

I have an Ubuntu x86 system that is still able to see it - and I can connect to it. However, my Tinkerboard based system can't.

So I would either like the ability to assign the IP address or get it to at least get an IP address via DHCP.

Any ideas as to how to go about this please?


Steve KA6S

David Fainitski

Hello, Steven

DHCP is working by default, you don't need to know what IP Ody is using, SDR programm will search him with broadcast packets.

With what SDR programm did you try ?

For assigning static IP you should have a Windows mashine and direct connecting Ody to PC.

Turn on the Odyssey in bootloader mode with shortened both contact of iambic key. Run HPSDRbootloader2.0 , click TEST and change IP address what you need. Set if you want return to DHCP mode.

It would be helpful also check in what mode ethernet connection is working. For bootloader mode and AOP firmware an ethernet board should work in 100 MBit mode, for ANP firmware 1Gigabit mode.

Best regards, David

Steven Wilson


Thank you for the quick response.

I am running PiHPSDR.

I have a Metis (real TAPR hardware) and a Red Pitaya that I use all the time. The difference being they are both Protocol 1 (Original protocol...) while Odyssey II is Protocol 2. 

Here is a screen capture of what PiHPSDR is seeing.

When I use the Tinkerboard - it just says Subnet instead of detecting the radio?  I'll take that up with John Melton.

However - you have given me some tools to alter the situation for which I thank you!  I will get a chance to play with them this weekend and get back to you with a report.  Please know that otherwise the radio is working wonderfully.  I have a break-out board I've designed that I'll be trying out this weekend too (once I get the parts in to build same..) - I will finally have a chance to try to transmit.  I have the TAPR T/R+ that hopefully my break-out board will be able to key. So it should be a fun time!

Thanks again!

Steve KA6S

Steven Wilson

Hi Sid,

The DHCP server is supplied by my Network Router - not the Tinkerboard.

I have had two radios on the network using Protocol 1 (old protocol) with PiHPSDR.  I can talk to either with the Tinker board OR with my x86. When I switch the cable over from the TAPR Metis box to the Odyssey II it comes up with the funky IP address and is seen by the x86 - and will connect.  The Tinkerboard likely has different network rules and doesn't allow the  connection.  So the real trick is to get the radio assigned to the right network! 

It may work as a direct connect - and likely I would prefer that in its final configuration, but I'm some time away from that for now.


Steve KA6S