DDC Module 2 in the UHSDR project

David Fainitski

Hello, people. 

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Shortly, I have designed very small DDC module which able to change sound codec in existed projects like UHSDR, Sparrow...

It based on Altera Cyclone 10 FPGA, 14 bit ADC AD9649 and DAC AD9707. You can use also 12 bit version of ADC DAC.
I have installed it on my Sparrow SDR board :

And it works commonly:

The project is fully opened, you can order boards right now here if you want to assemply it
But it is pretty expensive thing, has a price like 1/2 Sparrow SDR.

At this time I want to design my own board for Sparrow (N7DDC edition) in collaboration with Artur SP3OSJ. Actually I have done it, but will present after tests.
Also I will have to change OVI-40 firmware to get all the futures brang by DDC technology.

Ready for your questions and suggestions.