Congratulations David N7DDC - 2017 Year !

Ken N9VV <n9vv@...>

To celebrate David's move to the U.S. and his *GREAT 2017* - please check out ODY-II YouTube video's you will see that I successfully controlled the prototype ODY-II with:
[ ] PowerSDR 3.4.5,
[ ] Thetis 2.5.3,
[ ] pihpsdr v1.2 on the RaspberryPi;
This was all possible because David has done a truly *solid design* of the new ODY-II.

*and* with only 1W to a Dipole antenna under Solar Minimum conditions I made 3 CW Contacts all noted in my QRZ.COM Log:
[ ] AK4JA 30M
[ ] W1IDL 40M
[ ] W1ZT 30M

Congratulations David Fainitski N7DDC, Looking forward to an amazing 2018,
73 de Ken N9VV
Чтобы отпраздновать переход Дэвида в США и его * БОЛЬШОЙ 2017 *, пожалуйста, посмотрите видео на YouTube ODY-II, вы увидите, что я успешно контролировал прототип ODY-II:
[] PowerSDR 3.4.5,
[] Thetis 2.5.3 и
[] pihpsdr v1.2 на RaspberryPi;
Это было все возможно, потому что Дэвид сделал по-настоящему * прочный дизайн * нового ODY-II.

* и * только с 1 Вт до дипольной антенны в условиях минимальных солнечных минимумов, я сделал 3 CW Контакты, все отмеченные в моем журнале QRZ.COM:
[] AK4JA 30M
[] W1IDL 40M
[] W1ZT 30M

Поздравляем Дэвида Фаиницкого N7DDC, с нетерпением ожидая удивительного 2018 года,
73 de Ken N9VV
Chtoby otprazdnovat' perekhod Devida v SSHA i yego * BOL'SHOY 2017 *, pozhaluysta, posmotrite video na YouTube ODY-II, vy uvidite, chto ya uspeshno kontroliroval prototip ODY-II:
[] PowerSDR 3.4.5,
[] Thetis 2.5.3 i
[] pihpsdr v1.2 na RaspberryPi;
Eto bylo vse vozmozhno, potomu chto Devid sdelal po-nastoyashchemu * prochnyy dizayn * novogo ODY-II.

* i * tol'ko s 1 Vt do dipol'noy antenny v usloviyakh minimal'nykh solnechnykh minimumov, ya sdelal 3 CW Kontakty, vse otmechennyye v moyem zhurnale QRZ.COM:
[] AK4JA 30M
[] W1IDL 40M
[] W1ZT 30M

Pozdravlyayem Devida Fainitskogo N7DDC, s neterpeniyem ozhidaya udivitel'nogo 2018 goda,
73 de Ken N9VV

On 12/29/2017 11:09 PM, rolin791@... [ody-sdr] wrote:
Hello, People
On the eve of the New Year, it  is customary to sum up and make plans for the next year.
What do we have at this moment ?  Beautiful and modern SDR transceiver, the possibilities of which have not yet been completely unclosed.
Next year I will make a new bootloader that will be able to change firmware of the transceiver, the microcontroller and of course its own. Thus, it will not be necessary to disassemble the transceiver each time for connecting the programmers.
Next step -  a new firmware with its own protocol, which implements exceptional features for the modern SDR transceiver in 2018. All the resources of the transceiver - 8 receivers and 1 transmitter, can be accessed independently from each other for different programs.
This means that for example, working with Thetis as usual, it is possible to run the skimmer with 5 receivers connected to the second ADC with wideband antenna. A special control program will manage resources, transfer a signal to virtual audio cables and emulate other protocols.
The implementation of the new protocol into the programs will be slow enough, so the new bootloader will support the selection at the start up to three different firmware. That is, you can always start the simple openHPSDR  protocol without having to change the firmware every time.
Next year I plan to finish the 20 Watts amplifier for Odyssey  and start designing another - 500 Watts amp.
I guess next year will be very interesting for us.
Happy New Year !
and 73! N7DDC
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