Amplifier for Odyssey SDR

Les Keppie <leskep@...>

Hi All Odyssey owners

The project to make an amplifier for the Odyssey is now complete
The amplifier was built by Glenn VK4BG

A link to my dropbox folder is included in this email which contains photos of the progressive
build and some other info

There was too much loss through the original RF bridge so it was
replaced with a W6PQL RF changeover relay

Added by Glenn is a W6PQL 4x Sequencer board to handle the switching from RX to TX
and the external amp switching
Bandpass filter board covering 1.8 to  30 MHz  from the Ukraine which is bandswitched
from the Odyssey via the Data port
PA board is from
DC board was designed by Glenn and board made in the USA then completed by Glenn
Provision has also been made to key an additional higher power Amplifier with a PTT out line

A larger box to accommodate a bigger heatsink has been used so there is no need for a fan
to keep it cool

This unit has now been tested on air and is set up for a nominal 10 watt output
and can be used as a standalone 10 watt transceiver or can be hooked up to a larger
Amplifier for more output

Hope other Odyssey owners may find some interest in this project


David Fainitski

Hello, Lesley
Thank you for the information

Nice job !

That VNA bridge can not work as a RX/TX splitter. You need to use a relay's commutation.

Just only one thing you need still - LNA 10-15dB for RX, with relay's commutation.