A short somewhere?

Geir Inge Jensen



My Ody2 just died today. Impossible to turn on. My initial search for faults ended with the self-resettable fuse next to the power cord gets extremely hot upon inserting the power cord (and naturally cuts the power). So, something must be causing a lot of current that increases the temperature of that fuse.


I am not good at SMD soldering, so I cannot just desolder all the components on the input power chain to find a faulty one. Does anyone have a good idea of which component I should try first? There are a couple of big capacitors as well as the TLV diodes (and a lot more). I´m looking at the gerbers to try to track the path. The small fuse next to the 5V power supply seems to be ok (that feeds the power on microcontroller), so I´m guessing the fault must be before that one.


I´m grateful for any help to get this wonderful radio back to life.


  73 de LB5ZH, Geir Inge 

  QTH JP99kq



David Fainitski

Using a multimeter, try to find a short  before and after the main 5V DC/DC TLV62163.
Most likely you will need to remove it and change if the short is disapeared after that.
Check the power polarity first of all.