sourcing Ody components

Marc olanie

Hi happy SDR users

I'm begining the "component hunting game" for my Ody 2... I'm afraid it won't be the only message of this thread. 
- Which kind of Oled display (ref if possible) do you use, as this device is not in the BOM 
- Who knows the location, utility and function of these mysterious "bulb" ref CM8097 we can see in the BOM ? I didn't used such components for more than 35 years (excepted for a demo of a Wien bridge oscillator) 
Marc f6itu


Marc olanie

Many thanks Christian


Great news… I think I already have a bunch of such small I2C driven Oled displays in my junkbox.


About the bulbs, my question was not concerning the sourcing  (it’s written in the BOM anyway), but its function. Where is physically located this bulb in the rig ?  what is it used to ? If it’s a simple light, a white LED would probably be enough (and I’ll never have to change it in the future) .




Marc f6itu


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David Fainitski

Hello, Mark
These two bulbs work here like fuses.
If 100W from transmitter would go to RF input, the bulb will burned.
Or, if power level will be around 20-50W, the bulb will to glow.
You can short bulb's socket but if something will go wrong you will forced to change more other components, much more expensive.

The bulbs located close to RF connectors ADC1 and ADC2


Marc olanie

Thank you David. That was not obvious 😊


That’s clear now. I used to protect my receivers with such a trick when I was SWL… many years from now

>The bulbs located close to RF connectors ADC1 and ADC2


I was trying to locate them using the pictures of you blog… I spot the location  on the pcb, on the left side of each SMA.


Tnks again. Be sure I’ll ask further stupid questions, as long as I don’t have the whole picture in my brain.



Marc f6itu