HFPU-100 Assembly

David Fainitski

Hello, people

Today the amp was finished and took a test with 1 hour continiously  transmitting on 14 and 3.5 MHz band with 50 Watts output power.
The LPF cores heat with acceptable level but being installed in the housing 100% power cycle  most likely will not be achieved.
Red cores T50-2 lose their properties at 55 Celsius degrees and LPF does not work until they cool down less then 50.
The black ones work without degradation up to 60, I don't know what is the highest limit.
The heatsink heats up to 47 degrees Celsius and then their temperature keep in this level with big 80mm fan, with low speed and noiseless.

The amplifier can provide 70 Watt output power with acceptable output signal quality.
Up to 120 Watts could be reached with 1:4 output transformer but I think the LPF cores will not fill well.

I will write documentation  and draw schematic for this device.

David Fainitski

Almost all ready for assembling this amp.
I have changed an output transformer to 1 to 3 instead 1 to 4 for obtaning 50W with good efficient. I hope to obtaine with that heatsink and 80mm fan 50 Watts and 100% power cycle of amp.
Will see, will see...