Couple of questions for David

Steven Wilson

1. I went looking for the SPI bus to see if it was working - I don't see a SPI clock when I believe PiHPSDR is telling it to change bands.  Is the SPI port functional yet?

2. I compiled the Odyssey 1.10 ANP using Quartus. When I tried to send the Odyssey.rbf over using the HPSDR Programmer - it complained about the file and said I should be using JTAG with it. What switches are required to get an .rbf out of Quartus that is compatible with the download?



David Fainitski

Hello, Steve

1. SPI works on pin 12 - DATA, pin 13 - CLOCK, pin 14 - EN

For successfully working bit Alex_enable[1] (new protocol) should be set.

2. Programm works with Agelia.rbf files, rename Odyssey to Angelia or put the path to Odyssey.rbf manually to this programm.


David Fainitski

I just check its with Thetis - byte 59 of General_CC packet Alex_enable is always set to 1.
SPI is working, I see the activity with my oscilloscope.