Odyssey2 PCB almost done.

Leo Goto

Hi All,

Assembly of Odyssey 2 PCB board is almost completed. 

I tried to receive it but I can not communicate with Thetis.

As another problem, the OELD display is not displayed.

The power switch can not be turned ON / OFF. It is always on.

There are lots of uneasiness.

 I got advice from David and tried various things, but when PC and Odyssey are via HUB, I can not communicate with Thetis. (The HUB is compatible with Gigabit Ether.)

 So when I tried connecting the PC and Odyssey 2 directly, I was able to communicate with Thetis.

Still, the problem of the power switch remains.

I cut Hammond's 1455R 1601 case in half. It was serious as I cut by hand.

Hi David,

Thank you very much and your always kindness.