[] Re: pihpsdr - Heartily recommended :-)

Sid Boyce

Install the pre-reqs as shown in the build document.
Build and install wdsp.
git clone
cd pihpsdr
edit Makefile and make the following changes:-
# uncomment the line below to include GPIO

run "make clean && make -j 4"

When the build is completed, "./pihpsdr" it takes an extraordinary long time setting up FFT sizes even on an 8-core AMD x86_64 with 16GB.

After you click Start some configuration needs to be done - Radio, RX, DSP and OC for (Alex) filter configuration.

Currently running it with Hermes-Lite and Hermes-Lite 5W PA/LPF but have also run it on BPF and 300W PA/LPF boards.
73 ... Sid.

On 31/07/17 15:08, David Turner @g0vvf [ody-sdr] wrote:

Hello Ken.
Thanks for photo, always wondered what cat control was!,but do you get a paw signal. See you are using Raspbian software, have you tried the Raspberry pi desktop x86 software on a pc.(for some reason I cannot get pihpsdr to work on it yet.)
Asus tinker looks interesting,but will wait and see how much odyssey 2 is first.(May have to wait for are new trade agreement with United States.)

All the best.

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