Firmware 1.3.3 for Odyssey

David Fainitski

Sorry for the delay with this publicaton here....

Firmware 1.3.3 makes possible to change IP and MAC adress without recompiling and reprogramming board.


For the changing IP, run Odyssey Key Master 1.1 and click More and Service

Click Read and make changes as you want. Click Write for the storing data into Odyssey's flash memory.

You will see Succes or Error messedge.

After changing IP you need change PC LAN connection settings and Current IP in OKM.

If you forgot what IP adress was installed in Odyssey, you can reset It to default in any time. 

Power on the Odyssey with pressed KeyDot and KeyDash contacts and waiting for 5 blinks of PTT led. Odyssey board will temporary  started with the default IP and you will be able change It before reseting board.

David Fainitski

After first reprogramming need to make IP init, becose  flash memory is not containe  correct IP adress.Power on Odyssey in IP reset mode, make read and write needed IP.