Project Odyssey TRX has started on Kickstarter !

David Fainitski

Hi to all !

We are beginning... Odyssey TRX SDR DDC/DUC Tranceiver

Only 10 orders in one month need for starting manufacturing.

If such amount will be  collected up to 5 March, manufacturing will last about 30 - 45 days thereafter.

Video is present also on Youtube Odyssey TRX promo

Razvan (M0HZH)


I just wanted to tell you that I love your project and I've written a blog post about it:

Odyssey TRX - open-source SDR DDC/DUC transceiver

I hope it becomes successful, as at some point I would like to build a home-base transceiver around it.

Good luck with the Kickstarter campaign !
Razvan YO9IRF / M0HZH

David Fainitski

Thank you, Razvan !

David Fainitski

OK, guys
You are ready ? We start!
So, was make 15 orders:
1 - simple Odyssey's board with LAN interface, without housing - " experienced man "
10 - LAN version of Odyssey in the housing - " classics of the genre"
2 -  USB version of Odyssey in the housing - " experiments fan "
2 - Wi-Fi + LAN version in the housing - " I'm not afraid of high-tech ! "

Thank you for the confidence and support .
Will to wait a few days for collecting money and will to order the boards and parts.

David Fainitski

Hi to All.
Sorry for the delay, but I did not received money from Kickstarter at this time.
I have ordered  the PCB's for our money, It is all that I can do now.

David Fainitski

David Fainitski