Re: vna enclosure

David Fainitski


VNA board doesn't needed enclosure. This is a very tough and reliable board.

I don't know when can I test VHF unit, at this time I have not even the first prototype.

vna enclosure

David Turner


What size of enclosure is required for VNA board.
Also how soon will VHF board be available


First "Odyssey to Odyssey" QSO

Kirill Polovnoy

It appears that I've become a participant of the first cross-Odyssey QSO.)
The thing is that I was working on CW at 7 MHz just for fun and put another record in log: 2016-mar-13, 19:36Z, LY3G 599/599 op. Gintas, QTH Klaipeda.
In a few days I got message from Gintas. He saw my callsign on Russian radio fan forum and found out that we both use Odyssey TRX.
My congratulations to Gintas and David (the developer of this amazing transceiver) on the first  "Odyssey to Odyssey" QSO.
Let me tell you now about my own Odyssey (sounds good, ha?).
I made the box in the nearest workshop on milling device from aluminum sheet. DPF I got at the same place where I got my transceiver)). I bought PA 30W just for 80$. In general it took me just an hour to create it. After that the real fun started (honestly speaking, the real fun started only in a week, after I've had my transceiver and amplifier repaired, let's skip the story about my efforts).
You can see FT-920 beside Odyssey on this picture. On the right from them there is a TS-590S (not on picture). They both doesn't worth this little devise! Actually I don't use them for a long time. 
Together with Odyssey I use 1kWPA on the basis of well known eb-104 with sd2933. They belong to each other just fine (especially when 3 el YAGI is connected to PA). If you gonna make the same device, don't make my mistake, please note: FIRST adjust automatic PA protection and only AFTER THAT -  adjust PA itself. You will get it, when you find out that transistors for this PA cost as much as Odyssey already tuned and ready to work..
73 to all!

UA6CT, Kirill

Re: Project Odyssey TRX has started on Kickstarter !

David Fainitski

Re: Project Odyssey TRX has started on Kickstarter !

David Fainitski

Re: Project Odyssey TRX has started on Kickstarter !

David Fainitski

Hi to All.
Sorry for the delay, but I did not received money from Kickstarter at this time.
I have ordered  the PCB's for our money, It is all that I can do now.

1.3.1 FW for Odyssey

David Fainitski

New firmware with the little changes:

CW and SSB output level balanced

Demo mode indicate - blink PTT

Decreased TX level in VNA mode

HF PA unit for odyssey

David Fainitski

The block diagram of HF PA unit

VHF Transverter Unit

David Fainitski


I have prepare the strucktural block diagram for VHF transverter

Re: Odyssey online

David Turner

Thanks for reply,I copied quisk_settings-json file to my home folder and put the dark background setting in


Re: Odyssey online

David Fainitski

Hello, Dave.
You can try to copy all files from work's filesystem in my image ("linux" partition) to filesystem partition in your image for PI3.
If it will not work, use my config file for QUISK

Re: Odyssey online

David Turner

Would it be possible to change boot loader, so this program will run on raspberry pi3 ?
I have Linux Ubuntu mate,plus quisk 4.0.4 on pi3  just require *Radio* settings for *Odyssey*  

Many thanks.

Re: [] Re: Resistive RF bridge

Danilo Galisteu

That's very nice.
Thank you David!

2016-03-07 20:21 GMT+01:00 rolin791@... [ody-sdr] <ody-sdr@...>:



This is my design Переводчик Google
Переводчик Google
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Preview by Yahoo

I have plane to test the new design of bridge, more compactly. If It will work good, each ordered the Odyssey will receive it as a gift.




David Fainitski

Everybody could be order Odyssey on Kickstarter a few days ago.I can probably make more devices that people were able to buy...
For  mass production needs investments and possibilities for sales...


evad dave

I am very impressed with the Odyssey!! I could use it as a Transceiver  or a sdr receiver  in my station. When will it be available to the public??

Odyssey online

David Fainitski

I have prepared the image for ultracheap 4-core OrangePI PC

Was installed:

QUISK 4.04



openvpn server

openwebrx server

Download the image from

For using, write this image to 4, 8, 16 GB SD-card with Win32DiskImager (under Windows).

Install this SD-card into OrangePI PC and run. Password "orangepi".

After the first starting, execute in Terminal:

sudo fs_resize


All needed links are locating  on Desktop.

Duble ckick on "QUISK" for Quisk starting. The config file is located in the /home/orangepi

For starting the ghpsdr-alex server, run "hiqsdr-server" and "dspsrever".  Config files for setting located in /home/orangepi, these are hiqsdr.cfg and dspserver.conf. You can use client's programms in your home network, as glSDR under Android or QTRadio under Windows or Linux

Connect to the IP of your OrangePI in your home network. Run ifconfig in terminal for information.

If you want to share server via internet, you need have a "white external IP". To obtain it, you need to use the VPN service, example Put the obtaned config files ca.crt, client.conf, pass.txt  into /etc/openvpn. Run the "VPN_Start" from desktop. Run the "Chromium Web Browser" and look your IP with, you need to see your "white IP". After that, your server will be visible in the server-list and everybody can use It via internet with client's programm. 

You can also setup the private netvork connection (VPN) directly trough you PC and OrangePI,without "white IP", but in this case only you be able to use transceiver via internet.

Openwebrx server is allow to use the RTL-SDR dongle. The config file is exist in the /home/orangepi/Downloads/openwebrx  For using this server don't need a client's programm, just run http://your_ip_address:8073  in any web browser. Many users can use server via internet if OrangePI working with the "white IP". Read more about the project here 

Good luck !

pc the wifi dongle for minniPC is here


Re: Resistive RF bridge

David Fainitski

This is my design Переводчик Google

I have plane to test the new design of bridge, more compactly. If It will work good, each ordered the Odyssey will receive it as a gift.



Resistive RF bridge

Danilo Galisteu

Hello David and everyone,

A very nice RF bridge ("HiQSDR mini RF bridge") is shown on the promo video, but I couldn't find this board on the internet.

Does anyone know how to get it?


Re: Project Odyssey TRX has started on Kickstarter !

David Fainitski

OK, guys
You are ready ? We start!
So, was make 15 orders:
1 - simple Odyssey's board with LAN interface, without housing - " experienced man "
10 - LAN version of Odyssey in the housing - " classics of the genre"
2 -  USB version of Odyssey in the housing - " experiments fan "
2 - Wi-Fi + LAN version in the housing - " I'm not afraid of high-tech ! "

Thank you for the confidence and support .
Will to wait a few days for collecting money and will to order the boards and parts.

Re: odyssey sdr

David Fainitski

Thank you, David