MH-31 Microphone low output

Sid Boyce

Has anyone experienced low microphone level from the MH-31?

With the ODY-2's 1W I get no movement with the SWR meter set to 5W PEP full scale.

My setup ODYSSEY-2 --> 100W PA ex-IC737. At first I thought the problem was with the PA.

If I scream into the MH-31, I can talk it up beyond full output, speaking normally or blowing equivalently I get only a few watts output.

Using local audio electret mic to a USB audio dongleĀ  with the PiHPSDR v2 I can drive the amp close to 200W PEP into a dummy load speaking at a normal voice .

73 ... Sid.

Sid Boyce ... Hamradio License G3VBV, Licensed Private Pilot
Emeritus IBM/Amdahl Mainframes and Sun/Fujitsu Servers Tech Support
Senior Staff Specialist, Cricket Coach
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