Re: Buy Odyssey 2 SDR Kit

Robson Pereira

Hi Reto,

The contact for the stencil is Nicole, email "nicole"  AT  ""


On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 11:43 PM Reto HB9TRT <hb9trt@...> wrote:
Hi Rob, 

There's no full email address for the stencil contact. Because we no decided to "cook" the pcb in a oven it makes sense to place the other components also to tghe board with solder paste. But I think it's no ned to apply solder paste to the BGA pads. SO the top side will be "produced" this way, tghe few parts on the backside manualy. 

BOM: I'll send it on the weekend, because I have to edit it first. And: from some parts the number of parts are not correct. This is an intension, because this parts are cheaper if you take 10 oder 50 or 100 pieces and can be used later also in other projects (Resistores, Capacitors...) If you like to order only the numebers used for the project, you have to adjust the file. 

It will be a pdf and/or csv. Maybe there's a possibility to share a basket in the digikey/mouser portal. I see this before. Very easy to order. 

vy 73

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