Re: Buy Odyssey 2 SDR Kit

Robson Pereira

Hi Reto,

Could you send me the Order List for Digikey and Mouser?

For BGA reflow, I plan using a Reflow Oven T962a ($300) and I think the smaller Reflow Oven T962 ($200) would work too.

You can also try ordering a stencil for the Odyssey2 from China. It costs $30 shipped but it took a month to arrive.

Here is the contact for the stencil (picture attached):

 Contact: nicole@...
 Order Number:SO200209123998-2916005A
 1 pcs $14.25
 Stencil issue 2916005A SO200209064
 Production file: Odyssey2-SO200209123998


On Tue, May 26, 2020 at 1:36 PM Reto HB9TRT <hb9trt@...> wrote:
Hello Maurizio

I only can help you with a PCB. In our group we build in the next weeks a Odyssey TRX. And I also can send you my Order List for Digikey and Mouser. The filter I ordered at mini-circuits in UK. And our kits are ready. There are many youtube videos how to solder the BGA. Also one from David. We have the same probem. How to solder the BGA. But I think it's possible. If not, you' may find a person near you, who is eqiped with the tools and can do this for you. 
I also looking here, because I have no equipent at the moment. If I find one who does it for us, maybe he can do it also for you and I can send you a PCB with BGA installed. But at the moment this is only a theory. Im searching for a solution. 

vy 73

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