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Leo Goto

Hi Reto,

For FPGA soldering, in my case I set the hot plate to 240 degrees and
put it on the hot plate for about 3 minutes. Then raise the board up.
The point is to raise it so that it doesn't slip when you give it above.
Also, instead of placing the board directly, it is placed on a jig made
of aluminum plate and can be moved by hand.
I made two Odyssey and two Odyssey2. David gave me a lot of advice on
how to make it. Thank you very much.
I don't have a photo that I made soldering, but here is a photo after

Regards, Leo/WH2Q 73.

On Tue, 26 May 2020 00:15:12 -0700
"Reto HB9TRT" <hb9trt@...> wrote:

Hello David,

Thanks for your Answer. I wathced the Video, but don't understand you speaking ;) But I see the video and I think I have understand how to do it now. It seems impossible to work without preeheating plate. So I'll looking for any or for a cheap BGA station. maybe in future I'll need it more times.
The Odyssey project is very interesting and so we decided here to start this also, after a few years you present it. Because most infos are in russian language it was not quite esay to collect all information. BUt think google translate we also had a chance to read your Forum/website. Finaly I found this group here which ist in english.

now i think we can start the project. most parts are ordered at digikey and mouser. Some from other places, because not found at this two distributors.

Hope we have success with this project. It's the first time working with a BGA, and also building a direct sampler. The last projects are mchf based, UHSDR and also similar projects from SP3OSJ. Also very interesting stand alone TRX, but no direct samplers ;)

vy 73

Leo Gotoh <LeoGoto@...>

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