Re: Is this project active?

Robson Pereira

Hi David,

Would you consider a new revision in the future with the help of volunteers assigned to tasks such as documentation (schematics, howto, guidelines), bring-up, boot-loading, Verilog firmware, software porting, debugging, enhancements, etc?

Here is a Odyssey-3 Wish List :

 - FPGA with 150K LE similar to Apache Labs Orion MKII (FPGA alone costs $480 on Digi-Key)
 - 3 Receivers (the 3rd receiver as optional)

This update would put this project at the same level as the outstanding top-performer Apache-Labs Orion MKII board which is sold for $1,700 alone.

I suspect the Odyssey 3 would cost less than $1K if the builder is careful when sourcing parts.

It would be used as a powerful SDR DSP platform, a VNA and an amateur radio.

On Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 8:15 PM David Fainitski <rolin791@...> wrote:
This project has been completed. Everyone who wanted already assembled it.

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