Re: Changing the IBM Power supply fan for the Digikey fan

Sid Boyce

Thanks David,
I'll do that. Thinking about it later, as long as those 2 wires are not connected to +12V, only one way the fan will work.
73 ... Sid.

On 09/10/2019 16:46, David Fainitski wrote:
Hello,  Sid
Only one way will work properly,  so try.Â
You have only two different ways.Â

On Wed, Oct 9, 2019, 6:16 AM Sid Boyce <boyce.sid@... <mailto:boyce.sid@...>> wrote:

Hi David,

The pinout for the existing power supply fan differs from what I
see online.

pin 1 -- Black -- GND

pin 2 -- White -- ?

pin 3 -- Blue -- ?

pin 4 -- Red   -- +12V

Which of the 2 wires are Sensor and Control.

The Digikey fans recommended have Red -- +12V, Black -- GND,
Yellow --
Sensor and Brown -- Control.

How to connect the new fan to the old fan's plug?

73 ... Sid.

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